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Does Your Data Team Need A Translator?

June 2020

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Does the thought of your data science team coding testing and deploying software in-house terrify your IT team?


Do your data science and information technology teams understand each other? When the data science team talks about coding software in-house, testing it, then deploying it, does the IT team look terrified? When someone says 'DevSecOps', does everyone in the room understand what that means?


Too often we find a failure to communicate among data operations teams. And what is communicated frequently strikes terror in the heart of the organization's CISSPs. Why is this happening, and how can we fix it so the data team can move forward?


One way is to coach the team members to view the situation as a learning experience for everyone. DevSecOps is still such a new concept, and it means that your data and IT team members are working together in a much more integrated manner than before.


Another is to work with your data and IT teams to develop a concept of operations and common lexicon for DevSecOps in your organization. Once it is developed, host frequent presentations and discussions to socialize it with your workforce, and make it part of the culture. Of course there will be bumps along the way to implementation, but your goal is to get members on both teams to wonder how they ever got along without each other in 'the old days'.


The most important part is to ensure that leaders on both teams demonstrate their full support for this endeavor, and do everything they can to make it happen. In the end, it will benefit them a lot.


If you would like help developing a concept of operations, compiling a lexicon, or even just facilitating meetings between your teams, Cybele Data Advisory can support you.

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